There’s no doubt that social media and the internet has changed the way that you should be marketing to customers. Here are the top social media trends you should be taking note of and integrating into your hospitality or tourism business.

1. The importance of online reviews

95 per cent of leisure travelers read at least 7 online reviews before booking their holiday (Huffington Post). With numbers like that, you can’t afford to not pay attention (and respond) to your online reviews. Good reviews will inspire travelers to book, while negative ones will deter your future customers. You can learn more about responding to online reviews in my Ultimate Social Media Cheat Sheet.

2. Video and livestreaming

Video and livestreaming is becoming an increasingly popular trend across social media platforms. The reason? It makes your business relatable and shows that there are real people behind your corporate identity. A live video doesn’t have to be an elaborately put together piece. It can be an opportunity to engage your followers with a behind the scene glimpse into your business.

3. 24 hour content

“Disappearing content” is a video or photo that will only be available for 24 hours. Think Snapchat or Instagram stories. This is very popular with millennials and will continue to rise in popularity. This type of content is engaging because it encourages users to interact with and view the content right away while it is still available. My personal opinion behind the popularity of Instagram stories and Snapchat is that it’s more REAL. It can be easier to add a photo or video to your Instagram story or Snapchat then to wait for the “perfect” photo and witty caption to go with it. It provides their followers with a glimpse into their everyday life. For businesses, this helps to humanize your business and brand. For more tips on using disappearing content, check out my recent blog on using Instagram stories to increase engagement.

4. Social advertising

Advertising on social media continues to rise for several reasons. Organic reach is on the decline, particularly on Facebook (meaning only 1 – 5% of your followers could be seeing your content). Businesses’ are becoming more inclined to pay to ensure their content is being seen. Social media advertising is much more data-driven than traditional advertising, and allows you to quickly make changes to your ad if it is not performing how you’d like it to.

5. Importance of personalization

Consumers expect to see content that is relevant to them. In a study by American Express, 83 per cent of millennials said they would let travel brands track their digital patterns if this would provide them with a more personalized experience. This means that paying close attention to your analytics is super important. Investing in retargeting ads (an ad targeted to consumers based on their previous Internet actions) will be used even more to ensure content is relevant and personalized to their target audience.

The world of social media rapidly changes, but I hope these trends provided you with some new ideas on how you can reach your target audience. If you’re still feeling stumped on how to use social media effectively, check out my Ultimate Social Media Cheat Sheet for more ideas on what to post, daily tips and “to-do’s” and learn what you should NOT be doing.



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