Today I want to talk to you about something that’s SUPER important in branding, but people are often hesitant to do because FOMO comes into play! That’s the importance of narrowing in and getting specific on who exactly you want to serve.

Before we dive into the benefits of niching down, I want you to know that by narrowing in on who you want to work with doesn’t mean you are going to be “missing out” on other possible clients. By getting super clear on the niche you want to serve and who your ideal client is, you’re actually more likely to attract those specific people.


So let’s go over the three benefits of niching down.

1. Less competition

One of the main benefits of niching down is that there is less competition compared to trying to market to everyone. The more specific you get, the less competition you’ll have because there won’t be as many people doing the same thing.

2. Brand loyalty

If you are the only one offering a certain type of service, you will have a leg up on anyone trying to serve a more general market. Because you have focused on providing something more specific in a narrower market segment, you are also able to develop strong relationships with your customers. This will lead to increased brand loyalty in the future because you will have a strong understanding of what your customers want and need.

3. Expertise

When you are focusing on one specific area, you are able to develop your expertise in this area very quickly. People choose to work with one person over another quite often because of their skills and knowledge in that particular area. When you are an expert at something, not only do you receive more customer trust, you also gain more brand recognition. If you do everything, you’re going to be average at everything and blend in with the crowd. If you are really good at one specific thing, you will stand out.

Need more help niching down? My brand foundation bootcamp course will be launching this month, where I go into this a lot more and help you get focused on who you really want to work with. If you’re interested in being the first to know more about it, signup to be added to my mailing list below! Or, if you are looking for some 1-on-1 support in building a brand that will resonate with your ideal clients, I am now offering FREE brand clarity action plan calls. This is a great way to talk through how I can help support you in your branding journey and see if we’d be a good fit to work together. 🙂

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