A s a new business owner, I’ve fallen victim to the ever present “shiny object syndrome.” By this I mean I’ll be working away at a new project, full steam ahead, until I see someone on social media doing something that I think looks even better – and BAM. Focus is lost.

The problem with this as an entrepreneur is that there is ALWAYS something more you could be doing. And when you see ad after ad spouting off the newest, latest and greatest, it can be hard to maintain that focus that you so desperately need.

So while I occasionally still get caught up in shiny object syndrome, I’ve managed to develop a few tricks that help keep me focused on the bigger picture. I hope they help you the next time you’re tempted to change directions with your brand and maintain focus on the course you’ve set.

1. Schedule your time

One of the best ways to ensure you’re maintaining focus in your branding and business is to schedule out your weekly tasks in advance. Every week, I pick three priority tasks I want to complete in the next week, as well as other smaller tasks I want to get done. (Pro tip: Check out the 90 day planner by Classy Career Girl, which is what I use to stay on track). Then I schedule focus blocks of time into my calendar where I ONLY work on those tasks.

It’s so easy when you don’t have any “set” tasks to end up scrolling Facebook or refreshing your Instagram. When you create goals and tasks to complete, maintaining that focus becomes a lot easier.

2. Unsubscribe

If you’re anything like me, I’m guessing you’re subscribed to more than just a few email lists and likely bombarded regularly by new webinars, training, pdfs, etc. While some of this information can be valuable, it can also end up becoming one big cess pool of potential distractions. While I’m not suggesting you unsubscribe from EVERYTHING (I know you probably have your influencer crushes!), but be pretty choosy about who you’re allowing in your inbox. This will help you to avoid shiny object syndrome and maintain your focus!

3. Set quarterly goals

Did you know that if you write down your goals, you become 42% more likely to achieve them? By writing down your goals (rather than just thinking of them), you’re activating the left side of your brain related to logic and your subconscious mind realizes that you mean business! Write down the goals you want to achieve every quarter and you’ll receive a whole new level of clarity of what you REALLY want in your business. By having these goals, you’ll be able to evaluate any potential distractions that may come your way to see if they actually align with what you really want.

4. Allow yourself to dream

While it’s important to maintain focus on your bigger goals, cooking up new ideas is never a bad thing in business and should be something that you’re still allowing yourself time to do. So if you see a post or an email that resonates with you, save it and come back to it during your allotted new-idea time! Yes, that’s right, I’m suggesting you schedule a block of time in your calendar where you can go back to all the ideas that crossed your path throughout the week and see if there’s anything you want to put in place in your business going forward. When I first started doing this, I found it quite illuminating to see what I was just using as a distraction and what ACTUALLY resonated with me. Having this scheduled time will help keep you focused and able to remain objective when you’re reviewing these items at a later date.

Need help maintaining focus in your branding? I offer 1-on-1 support through my recently launched 8-week stand-out brand intensive that will provide you personalized support, guidance, and accountability to get you to exactly where you want to be. Book a free brand clarity action plan call so we can discuss your goals and how I can help support you!



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