Client Love

I'm so lucky to work with such amazing clients! Here's what a few of them had to say about working with me! 

Gillian was fabulous to work with and I would definitely recommend her for brand coaching! She makes an intimidating process easy to manage with her step-by-step worksheets and calm demeanor. I felt like I was supported every step of the way. Instead of being told what to do, it was nice to really collaborate and partner with Gillian. I enjoyed how she listened deeply and understood my brand and what I was trying to accomplish without judgment. I now feel confident that I know who my customers are and how I am going to reach them in the online world!

Kaylee Houde

 Kaylee Houde Career Coaching 

Gillian was amazing to work with. She asks the right questions, and is able to pinpoint exactly what makes you stand out. Before working with her, I was unclear on who my ideal client was, and my brand was kind of all over the place. She was able to take my scattered thoughts and helped me to create a clear cohesive story. I have gained so much clarity from her. She not only helped me to craft my story, but to also pin down my messaging, brand vibe, content strategy, and my niche. My brand has completely come together since I started working with her. I highly recommend Gillian to anyone who wants a solid brand that reflects who you truly are. Thank you for being amazing to work with!

Ashley Haycroft

Manifesting on Fire

It’s obvious from taking the Writing Your Brand Story Course that Gillian is an expert at what she does. As someone who is building her brand and learning everything she can to make it effective, this training was absolute GOLD! Through the course, she provides tangible steps to create your brand story and your brand statement. She goes in depth to make sure you understand exactly what you need to do to create them and why it’s important. She also has a knack for making it incredibly easy to create branding stories with her use of unique questions and exercises to make you think outside the box. If you are looking for help with your branding stories, look no further! 

Hannah Morth

 Limitless Millennials 

Gillian took the time to meet me with to understand my goals for my brand and delivered content on point. She also went above and beyond analyzing my content and provided me with monthly comprehensive reports. I appreciated her willingness to take on new projects, she is thorough and efficient. I saw growth in my company with Gillian's help! So grateful for her and her guidance.

Carrie Bruno

The Mama Coach

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