The secret to standing out in a crowded market

The step-by-step guide to writing a compelling brand story without

sounding like everyone else

  • Do you have no idea how to stand out in a crowded market when there’s so many others doing something similar to you? I mean hello?! How are you supposed to compete with coaches with tons of followers and a gorgeous brand?
  • Does the whole concept of branding confuse you? Everyone talks about the importance of having a strong brand, but you already have a logo, so you don’t understand what more you really need?
  • Do you simply not have the time to focus on branding right now? You intend to spend more time on branding *one day*, but right now you just need to focus on making money and getting yourself out there. 

The bottom line? You just don't know how to stand out and attract your dream clients

And girl, I totally get it. You want to create a brand and business that will allow you the lifestyle you truly want. One that will allow you to have:

  • An equal mix of work and play. No more sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours working on someone else’s business
  • More time for you to do things that are actually important to you (hitting a workout class in the middle of the day instead of with the busy after-work crowd , enjoying the sunshine, being home to make your kiddos an afterschool snack)
  • Flexibility! Don’t feel like getting up at 6 a.m. today? No prob – you can start your day on your time

Introducing: Write your brand story

Get ready to create a brand story that will connect you to your ideal clients and allow you to stand out in a crowded market. With 4 power-packed lessons that will teach you everything you need to learn about writing a brand story and 5 worksheets that will help you translate what you’ve learned into your very own unique brand story, you’ll have exactly what you need to begin building a stand-out brand.

Watch my step-by-step video training and discover clever tricks that will teach you everything you need to know about creating your own unique brand story that will:


Have you standing out from the competition like the bright star you are


Give you the confidence you need to show up as authentically YOU in your biz​


Connect you with your ideal clients

And I'm going to show you exactly  how to do this for just $27!

Get instant access to Write Your Brand Story now!


It's your turn to shine girlfriend!

Act n​ow to get instant access to: 



Get crystal clear on what a brand story is so you can use it to connect with your ideal clients



Learn how to effortlessly weave your brand story into every piece of communication so you can truly stand out amongst the competition



Create a brand statement so you can painlessly answer the dreaded “what do you do” question



Have your brand story virtually write itself with my top 4 storytelling tricks that will engage any reader



Learn the top-sec​ret trick to gain clarity on your deepest core values that will set you apart in a crowded market

When you act now, you also receive this exclusive bonus lesson:



BONUS:  How to get other to tell your story to increase trust in your brand

I’m pulling back the curtain to reveal 4 secrets to get others to tell your brand story (Value: $67)

The total value of Write Your Brand Story is $197.

You get instant access to all step-by-step video lessons for the cray-cray price of just $27.

Enjoy life-time access to any updates and login anytime 24/7 to view the material.

Yes Gillian, I’m ready to write my brand story and stand out like the shining star I am:

Don't just take my word for it... 

It's obvious from taking the Writing Your Brand Story Course that Gillian is an expert at what she does. As someone who is building her brand and learning everything she can to make it effective, this training was absolute GOLD! Through the course, she provides tangible steps to create your brand story and your brand statement. She goes in depth to make sure you understand exactly what you need to do to create them and why it's important. She also has a knack for making it incredibly easy to create branding stories with her use of unique questions and exercises to make you think outside the box. If you are looking for help with your branding stories, look no further! 

Hannah Morth Founder and Host at Limitless Millennials

5 reasons why you need to get Write Your Brand Story Now:

01. You'll attract your ideal clients who truly connect with you. Not some other coach you’re trying to imitate

02. You’ll save time. No more random google searches and trying to piece together various “expert’s” advice. Get all you need to write your brand story in one place.

03. You’ll stop stressing about how you’re going to stand out from the competition. By the end of this course, you’ll know exactly how to do so with a shiny new brand story that is yours and yours alone!

04. You’ll gain clarity and focus in your branding. Your brand story will serve as the foundation for your brand. Once you have a clear story written, using this consistently to inform all of your other branding will be a snap!

05. You’ll shine with confidence. Once you have gotten crystal clear on your brand story, there will be no more “imposter syndrome.” You’ll have your own brand story and be able to share it with confidence.

And just who am I?

Hello there! I’m Gillian. I’m a brand strategist and the founder of ArrowPost Digital Marketing. Blending passion for the industry with 10 years of marketing and communications experience, I work with ambitious online coaches feeling stuck or confused in the branding process to build a solid brand foundation so they can share their message with the world, attract their dream clients and live their dream life.

The best time to start attracting your dream clients is now!

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